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Fundraising with Sam

Sam’s Pizza is committed to the community by helping area nonprofit groups complete heroic missions through its Pizza Fundraising program.

Sam’s Pizza provides the dough – along with the sauce, cheese, toppings and pizza making know-how – to help your nonprofit organization raise dough in support of its charitable cause.

How much dough?

Since its inception just over 15 years ago, Sam’s Pizza Fundraising has helped raise almost 2 million dollars for local churches, schools and other nonprofit groups.

Your charitable organization pre sells pizzas to raise money for its cause. Then, Sam’s Pizza helps organize your volunteers for a fun-filled day of pizza making – ladling on the sauce, spreading the cheese and adding all the fresh, mouth-watering toppings.

Once each order has been filled, you deliver the unbaked pizzas to your generous donors so they can prepare the same delicious pizza people around Wayne County have been in love with since 1983, right in their own ovens.

Sam’s Pizza Fundraising is just one exciting way we give back to the community – also awarding over $15,000 in scholarship money to area graduates and employing over 50 people throughout Wayne County.

Contemporary American writer Dora J. Arod once wrote, “My love is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around.”

Help spread your nonprofit group’s love around by hosting a Sam’s Pizza Fundraising event.

To learn more, please contact Brian Sayre at Sam’s Pizza, phone:330-669-9151