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Sam’s Pizza Fundraising, A Fun Way To Raise Money

Sam’s Pizza is always glad to extend a helping hand. We do this through Sam’s Pizza Fundraising. We are so glad to be able to help out local schools, churches, and businesses through our fundraising program. Recently, we received a letter from Ben Framstad from Wooster Grace Brethren Church thanking us for providing our fundraising program. Here are a few quotes from his letter.

“Student Ministries has had a truly rewarding relationship with Sam’s Pizza.”

“Sam’s Pizza is always flexible to work with and comes prepared with required staff and supplies on the day our students make their pizza’s.”

“We certainly appreciate what Sam’s Pizza allows us to do in our ministry, and we recommend them to anyone who is considering fundraising for their school, club, or church ministry.”

As you can see, Sam’s is a fun way to fundraise for your business, school, or church. If you would like more information on Sam’s Pizza fundraising, feel free to give us a call or contact us. Here at Sam’s we’re always willing to help.